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Visual Artist / Art Educator

Flossie Peitsch completed her PhD at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, 2007, holding an Australian Postgraduate Award - a three year full-time scholarship. PhD Title is ‘THE IMMORTAL NOW: Visualizing the place Where Spirituality and Today’s Families Meet’. Her PhD, a Creative Thesis consisting of a visual art exhibition and exegesis, was staged in five (5) galleries concurrently in November 2006. She is an internationally known and collected installation artist, Canadian by birth, with ten (10) years of of artist-in-residencies experience in the western suburbs.

Peitsch’s Visual art practice includes tapestry, installation, watercolors, mixed media, tapestry, acrylic painting, sculpture; community/public art projects including Artist-in-Residencies, workshops.

A sought after speaker, theologically and education trained, her art themes incorporate spirituality and families.

Several experienced and young artists have already joined the Gallery Sunshine Everywhere team and there are great opportunities for collaboration and mentoring and support for young and emerging artists. Email us if you are interested:


Chi Vu is a graduate from the University of Melbourne and has worked as an artist, theatre maker & performer, writer, lecturer and artist-in-residence.

Chi has worked with a range of arts organisations including Kids' Own Publishing, stART, Playbox Theatre, Theatre 4A, La Mama, the Asialink Centre, the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and the Big West Festival as well as culturally diverse community groups. She was the co-artistic director of Western Edge Youth Arts in 2006-2007.

Chi's creative writing has won several awards in Australia including the Playbox Asialink Special Initiative Award for her play 'A Story of Soil'. Her short stories have been published in Meanjin, The Age and anthologies including 'Cau Noi - The Bridge' and 'Picador New Writing 4', as well as broadcasted on ABC Radio National's 'Short Story' program. Her full length plays have had professional productions in Melbourne at the North Melbourne Arts House and Footscray Community Arts Centre; and in Sydney at the Sidetrack Theatre.

In 2000 Chi was awarded an Asialink writer's residency to Vietnam where she wrote the critically acclaimed work 'Vietnam - a Psychic Guide'. Chi was awarded an arts residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre (Ireland) by the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts in 2006.


Marion has extensive leadership in the arts, education, youth, community and non-profit sectors.  She has produced award winning documentaries and training programs, including a range of educational programs with and for young people.  Marion  was based in the West for almost ten years as Director of Footscray Community Arts Centre.


Visual Artist

began her studies in printmaking at a private studio in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. After moving to Australia she continued her studies at RMIT University and graduated in 2003 with a BFA of Printmaking. She was awarded with the Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Scholarship for Emerging Victorian Printmakers for year 2004. In 2006 she finished a Master degree at RMIT and in 2008 Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education.  Her art practices include printmaking, sculpturing, drawing, installation and photography. She exhibited in Switzerland and Melbourne. More information about the artist can be found on her website


Tarquam is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, Victoria University.  He has supervised MA and M.Ed research and led arts education placements in schools, colleges, prisons and many community institutions. His philosophy holds to notions of Art as Wellbeing in both professional and teaching identity. As an arts educator and a registered art psychotherapist he has assembled ideas and case study material, which demonstrates connections between community cultural development and 'wellbeing' initiatives.

He has addressed this in national Indigenous consultative work as well as leading the first MA in Art Psychotherapy with past and on-going current supervision in Indigenous community arts engagements. He has been active working in arts based projects with Danila Dilba in NT and has been active in his relationship with CRCAH where he undertook research inquiring into Arts and Well-Being. Tarquam is immediate past President of the Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association and the editor of ANZJAT – the peer reviewed journal of art therapy in Australia and New Zealand.

“The work with Cecily is about hearing the stories of her people. She has shared the stories in a way which is enriching and personalised as worked along side students and staff in the School of Education. She has been studying and mentoring to us all. These images are around archetypal motifs of honey ants, story, water and clouds. They are universal truths that come to life as we  engagement with the art and encounter the stories as the key to Indigenous knowing. Cecily has engaged with us in her time in Melbourne and these images are reflections of the mythic, personal and social capacity of her art to the sense of shared women’s business to our understanding … they are about story,  joy and insight.”


Megan  has worked as a professional artist for over 25 years doing everything from major public artworks to her own exhibitions and curating  many others. Her PHD research was on the area of the relationship between the virtual and the sublime. Her artwork includes an examination of the nature of reality and illusion, with particular reference to historical influences on the virtual. Her work is also firmly situated in a postcolonial investigation of place and landscape.


Peter has a love of art. It gives him great pleasure and is a major source of relaxation. He has been painting since he was 14. Landscapes and seascapes are his favourites. He also enjoys painting cityscapes, lifestyles, variations of lifestyles and still-life. Peter is a prolific artist. He has hundreds  of paintings, and has been selling his paintings off and on for years.


I had the honour of being the Junior Archibald Prize winner of 2004 with my portrait of Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary. In both 2006 and 2007, I won the Rotary Club of Sunshine Inc. Youth Art award in the Year 11/12 category. In 2008, I created “How to draw” illustrations for the Corinella Page on the Herald Sun Website to teach children how to draw various things. I completed VCE at Sunshine Secondary College in 2007  and am currently studying architecture at RMIT University.


My grandmother was an artist and was my first teacher; she taught me ways of looking at the land and to ourselves. Through my artwork I am exploring ideas of identity, connectedness, belonging and justice, as ongoing themes in my life as an Aboriginal woman.

My art making is me practising my culture for my children and myself and my way passing it on. It is my way of asserting my Aboriginal identity of transcending appearances, of making statements about my place in this landscape both natural and constructed. I am passionate about creating opportunities with my community to experience the transformative.


I have always been interested in the arts as a tool for self expression and communication. After exploring themes of my own cultural, social and personal identity at art school and later as a practising artist, it seemed a natural progression for me to move my work into Creative Arts Therapy. Simultaneously over the last 15 years I have engaged  with my art practice while working in a variety of settings with children and adolescents. I believe the self-esteem, worth and confidence of each child and adolescent should be nurtured and guided on their ongoing life journey.


Briony has always had an interest in the arts, particularly in the areas of literature, music, performance and visual arts.

She has completed a Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing and Editing) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Professional Writing and Literary Studies. She is currently completing a Diploma of Education in preparation to become a secondary school teacher of English and Psychology.

Briony enjoys helping children and young adults to achieve their best, assisting them on a journey of self discovery as they explore and develop their own aspirations and talents.


Pete shares his craft with children to inspire and help them on their own creative path. He began workshops in drawing at schools, kinders and festivals in 2008. Pete’s step by step drawing approach enables the children to see immediate results and inspires them to take it further in creating their own characters. Pete illustrates children’s books and recently the ‘A Pig Called Pete‘ series was published in the U.S.A for distribution to schools in New York. He also paints watercolours/acrylics of the sea and its surrounds, and surreal paintings in acrylic.Pete has played the piano professionally for 28 years and has written over 600 songs in many genres. He has also produced 3 original Classical Piano CDs, solo piano/vocal CDs and is recording an album with his band.

JEANINE CARTERI originally trained as an Art Teacher and majored in Sculpture. I have a long history of collecting  junk and making things for my garden and furniture for my home. Since moving to Melbourne I have changed my scale as I am living in a small space. My collecting process now involves picking up small bits of plastic and  bottle tops, etc off the street whilst walking. I enjoy walking looking at the shapes of forgotten things.

MAXINE COOPER is an Associate Professor in Education at the University of Ballarat. She is an experienced teacher, education researcher and artist who has worked in Australia, Peru, Portugal and Pakistan.

CECILY NAPANANGKA GRANITES is a bilingual school teacher at Yuendumu Community School, 300 km north-west of Alice Springs, teaching in Warlpiri and English in the early childhood program. Cecily is also a community elder and school council member, which leaves her little time for painting. In 2008 Cecily and her family came to Melbourne for a period of study at Victoria University's School of Education

NAOMI (DONISHA) NANGALA ROCKMAN) (aged 8) is Cecily's grand daughter and came to Melbourne with her from Yuendumu for five months in 2008.

ANDREA HALLI have always loved dabbling . Started with Poster paint at school, tried Oils  but didn't like it .I've mainly painted with Acrylic in recent years but then decided to have lessons in Water Colour. Have really enjoyed the experience. These are a few of my efforts. Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

RACHEL HARVEY Rachel's background is photography, arts management, film festivals &website admin. Tutoring filmmaking & visual arts at schools,photography & media at community centres, textiles & crafts at artclubs, within West/North Melbourne suburbs, she's completing Masters
of Art/Media Teaching at The University of Melbourne.

CHRISTINE HEALEY Christine is passionate about the value of the arts to enhance human existence through the appreciation and engagement of existing art works and as a vehicle for self expression. Christine graduated from the VCA in 2004 with a Bachelors in Visual Arts (Photography) having worked in the mediums of photography, painting, drawing and video installation participating in a number of exhibitions. Christine has taught at many schools in the western suburbs, has almost completed her Masters in Arts Management at RMIT and was recently appointed the Education Coordinator at Heide Museum of Modern Art.

KIM HOWARD Kim has been  painting for fifteen years mainly depicting images created from her imagination. Subjects are mainly women and girls. Earlier themes of fear and distress  were influenced by certain dark stages in her life. Later works include some portaiture, black humour and love of colour. Studied Art, Photography as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Opera.

JANE JOSKE has several years of experience working with children, working in both government and independent schools.  She has recently embarked on her journey as an art therapist and has worked with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural issues.  She currently works in arts education with adults who have a disability.  Jane enjoys all aspects of engagement with the visual and performing arts and on a personal level is particularly interested in painting. 

JENNIFER KAMP is a Geelong based artist who through her practice examines the impact of change on the environment and contemporary urban life style. Jennifer has worked extensively as an art educator with students at secondary and tertiary levels to encourage their love of making art and to foster their skill development. Jennifer has recently completed a PhD research study funded by an Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship at Victoria University Footscray Park. Her works are processed in a range of diverse media that incorporates video and digital installations and a variety of printmaking and painting techniques. Jennifer’s work is represented in collections at the National Gallery of Australia ACT, Latrobe University Victoria, Department of Schools Geelong and the Australian Print Workshop.

LOY LICHTMAN has been involved in the visual arts for many years, both as an educator and as an exhibiting artist. His primary focus at present is in drawing together digital and traditional forms of studio practice in a manner that literally reflects the world within which his art is created.

MELISSA MURPHY-VELLA has a strong interest and love for art education; she is currently the Art Coordinator at the secondary school of her employment. She has completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, with an interest in sculpture, ceramics and photography. In 2005 she was recipient of the Bendigo bank and Kingston Art Fellowship; this enabled Melissa to travel to South Korea and attend the 3rd World Ceramic Biennale. Melissa plans to continue traveling the world to view the many wondrous exhibitions.  

PETRE SANTRY Coming from a family of professional artists, I grew up drawing and painting among Sydney’s luminaries. Beginning as a fashion artist in Sydney, I then widely exhibited and published my creative works while teaching fine art with CAE in Melbourne. Apart from earlier studies at ULTIMO and RMIT, I have recently completed a PhD on Cambodian Women and Cultural Change and Post Graduate studies in Creative Arts Therapy.

ANDREA SPAGNOLO I completed my Fine Art degree at Monash University, majoring in Metals and Jewellery in 2005. My work revolves around ‘small things.’ The fine details of objects. Cells and microscopic things.I like making jewellery based on bacteria.  It’s funny when people ‘wear’ my germs.

YVONNE TORRICOI use the sewing machine as a drawing tool which I combine with graphite pencil.  The machine makes its own punctured line marks in the layers of paper that the stitching holds together. Sometimes I insert natural objects such as feathers in between the layers of paper waiting to be found in the map like images I make. The layers of stitching move around and around the support, reminiscent of tracks or pathways.  Often I leave the threads uncut as if these pathways are moving on to some other place or as yet are not resolved. Silver leaf embellishes some parts of my work, giving it a jewel like presence. I like to leave the viewer with a sense of hope that the journey for us all continues and extends an invitation for us to participate.


Born in Seymour, Victoria, wit
h Estonian parents who emigrated to Australia in 1949.

Completed a Master of Education, Major study in Fine arts at the University of Melbourne, and Art Education at Bendigo Teachers’College.

Inspiration for her art stems from early years of growing up in a close relationship with nature, whilst her Estonian heritage has also influenced the themes of nature in her oil paintings.

This exhibition at the Granary Cafe includes 10 selected works that explore ways of evoking reflection on harmonious relationships with nature, the urban environment and cultural diversity.

The ‘Earth and Vision series includes works that display painting techniques which blur the boundary between natural imagery and structural forms created by humans.

The work titled ‘Rebirth’ is a key feature of this exhibition. It embodies the intense emotion of the events of Black Saturday 7th February 2009, and evokes reflection on not only nature’s own powerful process of renewal, but a deeper understanding of the relationship of humans with nature.

In the ‘Land and Soul’ series, ‘One People One Vision epitomizes the pristine and primitive side of humanity as an ideal vision for our life on earth. Cultural diversity enriches our lives but co-exists with this oneness.


I am a Reiki Practitioner and Colour therapist.. Art is  a great way to express colour and its wonderful healing quality.

Art to me is a love not a job, for the last five years I have been growing more and more inlove with what I do and the peace and tranquility that comes with art and how it can take you away into another dimention is wonderful. I use paints and textas as a medium for most of my artwork. Its a never ending wonderful journey of exploring imagination and colour.


I first started learning about art in year 11 at Braybrook College then continued in year 12 until moving on to Victoria University Flinders street to study Visual Arts which opened up many opportunities for me and allowed me to develop my work alongside other artists.

I have attempted many, many different forms of art and I am more interested in finding the reactions between different materials and allowing them to react to each other which results in my work being predominately abstract, a lot of the time the pieces don’t turn out how I would expect so if the work ends up looking great it’s a plus.

My favourite part of showing my works is how people react and to hear their own thoughts about them. A lot of my paintings are left untitled because I would like the viewer’s opinion and ideas of the work to be completely untainted even by my opinions.

At the moment I am working in retail and painting as a hobby but I hope to one day open up a gallery of my own in the western suburbs to give up and coming artists more of a chance to display their work.


Debbie Harman Qadri has her own professional art practice (Debbie Harman) and also works as a community artist. Her main mediums are ceramics, mosaic, painting and cartooning. Over the past ten years she has made many ceramic and mosaic murals with communities, schools and kindergartens, most of them in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Debbie is currently studying a Masters of Public Art at RMIT University.

For more information, check out her blogs:


Several experienced and young artists have already joined the Gallery Sunshine Everywhere team and there are great opportunities for collaboration and mentoring and support for young and emerging artists. Email us if you are interested:



Hazel Edwards is a Melbourne based author who writes books and scripts for children and adults. Picture book Image of an Iceberg - click for larger view 'There's a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake' is her best known title which has been continually in print for 28 years and adapted for stage, radio, video and puppetry as well as widely translated.

"Being an author means the opportunity to live more intensively by participant observation in places like Antarctic expeditions, but also by using imagination and asking 'What if?' as in the creation of the cake-eating hippo. 'Stickybeaking' or asking questions of extraordinary, ordinary people is considered legitimate research for a writer. And sometimes books travel even further than the author, into the minds and actions of readers"


Visual Artist / Art Educator

I have had three solo shows and been part of several group shows.

My enduring passion has been the beauty of the natural world and how its  misuse affects mankind. As an art educator I have taught prep through to tertiary and in the community. My emphasis is on the value of art as an expression of communication and foster unique and diverse ways of problem solving which prepare participants for an ever changing world and for working  creatively in their chosen fields.

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