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If you, your school or kindergarten would like to be part of an exhibition in 2021, please let us know by Friday 19 February along with your preferred dates.

After the challenges of 2020, we are proposing to commence 2021 with a celebration.

Everyone is invited to join us at the granary café on probably ***

Thursday 25 February, 4-6pm.

  1. to launch the 2021 program  (some surprises including a letterbox painting workshop…) and

  2. to launch the little say of sunshine book and

  3. to obtain copy/copies of the book

  4. to see a display of some of the little say of sunshine banners and

  5. to obtain a poster from those currently on display  (these posters have been reproduced from artwork produced by students at Sunvale primary school for an exhibition after the black Saturday fires in 2009).

*** probably, because we remain uncertain in these COVID times … watch this space!



In 2015, Gallery Sunshine Everywhere commenced a project of linking school students in Melbourne with school students in other parts of the world.

Very simply, one group draws the pictures and the other group writes the corresponding stories (in English or another language which can be included along with translations).

Don’t forget to check the blog to see all the books in the series including those featuring children in Sudan, China, India, Sri Lanka and now the Solomon Islands.

Most recently we have produced a book featuring the artwork of students from Furlong Park School for Deaf Children in Sunshine and from Hearing and Beyond in Vietnam. Check the Publications section of the Art Gallery section of this website to see the books.

In 2020 the words and pictures project was the Little Say of Sunshine banners project and book.

Check Projects and Publications sections of this site.

Watch this space for upcoming Words and Pictures activities and be in contact if you are interested in participating.

CONTACT:  or 0412218974 (Maureen Ryan)

2021 Schedule