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Words and Pictures Project: 

Gallery Sunshine Everywhere commenced this project in 2015 as a way of linking school students in Melbourne with school students in other parts of the world.

Very simply, one group draws the pictures and the other group writes the corresponding stories (in English or another language which can be included along with translations)

Have a look here at the book developed with Eritrean refugee children in Sudan (pictures) and students at Flemington Primary  School (words) and at the website which includes ALL the words and pictures. Those included in the book were displayed as part of the Words and Pictures 2015 exhibition at the Granary Cafe and are included in the Art Gallery section of this website.

This year we have a Words and Pictures exhibition planned with school children in schools in India.....and lots more.

Watch this space for upcoming Words and Pictures activities and be in contact if you are interested in participating.

CONTACT:  or 0412218974 (Maureen Ryan)

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