Gallery Sunshine Everywhere Inc. is a not for profit organization incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

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Dozens of schools and hundreds of students have been involved in the many exhibitions and other activities, Gallery Sunshine Everywhere has conducted since it was established in 2007. Most of the exhibitions have been held at the Granary Cafe in Sunshine and will be again this year. The exhibitions mainly feature the work of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students and sometimes , local artists as well.


Another busy year: our ninth!
We had several exhibitions: 16 in all and as the list below indicates worked with several organizations and schools and kindergartens:
28 Feb–20 March: YEN (an exhibition of the work of a Year 10 student)
20 March–24 April: Neighbour Day (commissioned by Brimbank Council)
24 April–22 May: Inspiring Kids to Create Primary Art Group (curated by Carmen Borg)
22 May–19 June: Sydenham/Hillside Primary School
19 June–17 July: Dorothy Carlton and Fairbairn Road Kindergartens
17 July–7 August:  Words and Pictures:  INDIA (refer to Books section below)
7–21 August: Fairbairn Road Kindergarten
21 August–19 September: Our Lady’s Primary School
25 August: Words and Pictures: China/musical performance by Chinese family/music group 
19–30 September: AMES Lino Prints
30 Sept–16 Oct: Rosamond School
8–15 Oct: Mental Health Week (Sunshine Heights PS/MIND Australia)
16–30 Oct: Words and Pictures: Tamil Community (refer to books section below)/performance by Footscray City College students 
30 Oct–13 Nov: Furlong Park School for Deaf Children
13–27 Nov: Young Teachers’ Art Exhibition (curated by Charlotte Clemens)
27 Nov: Diversity and Disability Art Exhibition (curated by Tania Arman)

We started the year with a book launch at the 100 story building of the Words and Pictures book developed with Eritrean Australian Humanitarian Aid featuring drawings by Eritrean refugee children in Sudan and stories by children from Flemington Primary School.
Following this, during the year, we produced several other books featuring in turn.
(1) Drawings by children from Catherine Public School in Visakhapatnam, India and stories by children from St Albans Primary School and Carranballac P-9 College (designed by Marcelle Cacciattolo and Education students at Victoria University).
(2) drawings by children from various kindergartens and schools in  Shenzhen Guangdong region in China and stories by children from Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School in Harrison, ACT  (designed by Debbie Qadri), and
(3) in a project funded by Brimbank Council, drawings and stories by Eeelam Tamil Association Tamil School in Braybrook, Elangaithuraimugathuvaram Hindu College in Eachchilampattu, Verugal, Sri Lanka and Sunshine College  (designed by Liz Dalgleish).
For full details of the books, visit:

During the year, Dr Jayson Cooper (Victoria University), Dr Mahmoud Eid (Fayoum University, Egypt) and I have undertaken some Gallery Sunshine Everywhere research and have prepared several publications.
Huge thanks to:
Jill Anwyl, Chair and the Gallery Sunshine Everywhere Board
Tom and all the staff at the Granary Café who welcome all our various exhibitions and opening events so graciously
Simon Kwok from infographics who designs all our invitations and maintains the web site and Minuteman Footscray who print all our material.
All the great people who help us to hang exhibitions and organise opening events: Carmen Borg, Tania Arman, Debbie Qadri, Sarah Tartakover, Allison Orton, Charlotte Clemens, Rhiannon Thomas, Nic Burridge, Ko Sonnoy, Jayson Cooper, Mahmoud Eid, Sarah Brooke, Anwar Alishek, Kethees Sithiravel, Murugesu Paramanathan, Peter Cribb, Lesley McCarthy, Lee Agius and Education students from Victoria University: John, Mali, Casey, Sema, Lorraine, Nancy, Sharlene, Prayer, Justin and Sammy   …….and of course, the wonderful Trevor Donoghue, now returned after a year teaching in China.
And it goes without saying that we value the wonderful support of all the kindergartens, schools and other organizations and everyone who is linked with Gallery Sunshine Everywhere in whatever way.

Neighbour Day:
We are collaborating again in 2017 with Brimbank Council around a Neighbour Day exhibition and will be continuing the related Neighbour Day research.
We received a small grant from Brimbank Council for a 2017 project focussing on the Hopes and Dreams of the under sevens and over seventies (based on the assertion that these two groups make the most sense!).
As well we will be continuing the Words and Pictures project, initially with a grant from the Australian Commission for UNESCO to work with schools in the Solomon Islands and locally in Melbourne’s western suburbs.
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere turns 10 in 2017!  Keep watching for the lots of birthday related activities…..and please send us through any ideas to make this a really special year….
We received information just prior to Christmas that Gallery Sunshine Everywhere is now on the Register of Cultural Organizations (ROCO) and is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient.

Gallery Sunshine Everywhere

What does Gallery Sunshine Everywhere do?
The purposes of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere are to promote engagement with art-making and art education among pre-primary, primary and secondary school students and their schools and families, and business and the broader community of the Western suburbs of Melbourne, through:-
(a) exhibiting and valuing the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.
(b) celebrating the talents of young artists and enabling community access to the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary students.
(c) extending the involvement of families, schools, business and the broader community with youth oriented art activities.
(d) increasing community understanding of the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.
(e) developing art-focussed partnerships with schools and other organizations.
(f)  mentoring young and emerging artists.  
(g) undertaking collaborative projects to raise the status, accessibility and visibility of visual arts for young people in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Engage schools, families, business and the broader community with the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.
Exhibit the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.
Value the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.
Celebrate the talents of young artists.
Extend involvement of families, schools, business and the broader community with youth oriented art based activities.
Enable access to the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary students.
Increase understanding of the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.
Develop partnerships with schools and other organisations.
Mentor young and emerging artists.

Gallery Sunshine Everywhere has five strands
Strand one: SCHOOLS
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere coordinates at least five curated exhibitions each year in Sunshine in Melbourne’s west.
There are no costs to families or schools for Strand One. Grants and Sponsorship are always welcome to support each of the exhibitions. We collect the work, frame and hang it on the walls at the Granary Cafe, organise opening events there for students, families and friends and return the work at the end of each exhibition.
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere liaises with all schools that register for each exhibition and selects work for exhibition and for the on line Art Gallery on this web site: 
 All work is photographed and added to the on line Art Gallery on this site.
 The work selected for exhibition is framed or otherwise prepared for exhibition
 Each exhibition period of three or four weeks commences with an official opening
 An identifying card listing the artist’s first name, year level and school is displayed with each art work
 Where enquiries are made about purchasing  (framed or unframed) any work on display, 
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere follows up with schools, families and potential buyers.

Strand two: FAMILIES
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere accepts commissions from families to provide an artist to develop an innovative art work with the family for display in the family home.

Strand three: WORK
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere accepts  commissions from workplaces to develop murals and/or individual art works for display in the office, factory, foyer or  staff room 
 by framing and displaying the work of children of employees and 
 by providing artists to conduct workshops with children of employees. 

Gallery Sunshine Everywhere maintains the  on line Art Gallery on this web site and responds to enquiries to exhibit work included there in other places (always in consultation with artists, families and schools), eg. several pieces have been selected for inclusion in Brimbank Council publications. 

Gallery Sunshine Everywhere produces  a set of cards at the end of each year, featuring examples of work exhibited during the year ((always in consultation with artists, families and schools with 80% of funds from card sales being returned to schools). Click here to see information about 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013 cards. Gallery Sunshine Everywhere collaborates  with various community organizations to undertake a range of projects each year.  The 2014 News Report included below outlines the 2014 collaborative projects with groups including Brimbank Council, AMES, SAIL, Victoria University, Inspiring KIds to Create Primary Art Program, Diversity and Disability Art Group, Sunshine Rotary and the CASS Foundation.
Maureen Ryan   
Gallery Sunshine Everywhere    
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