Gallery Sunshine Everywhere Inc. is a not for profit organization incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

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Dozens of schools and hundreds of students have been involved in the many exhibitions and other activities, Gallery Sunshine Everywhere has conducted since it was established in 2007. Most of the exhibitions have been held at the Granary Cafe in Sunshine and will be again this year. The exhibitions mainly feature the work of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students and sometimes , local artists as well.



Our twelfth year was as busy as ever, with thirteen exhibitions!

We started the year with an exhibition of the work of local artist, Tadros Hanna

Next, it was the Neighbour Day exhibition, funded by Brimbank Council. As well as an excellent exhibition of work by students from Sunshine College, around the theme, Loneliness, we had an all singing/all dancing celebration of Neighbour Day, facilitated by Carmen Borg and featuring performers from local dance and music schools as well as the group, The Queen Bees.

Monika Ciura’s  tiny musicians made a return to the Granary in a Sunday afternoon concert that was organised to coincide with the Intergenerational Maps exhibition.

Following the Neighbour Day exhibition, Gallery Sunshine Everywhere great friend Debbie Qadri curated Across the Strait, an exhibition featuring work from a young people’s project at Devonport Regional Gallery in Tasmania and work from Mother of God Primary School in Sunshine and from Sunshine College.

Subsequent exhibitions came from:

Ardeer South Primary School (Ruth Cronin-Pagano)

Dorothy Carlton (Jan) and Fairbairn Road (Kylie Sobing)  Kindergartens,

Sunshine College (art teachers: Jasna Kurys, Allison Orton, Mira vuk-Nikic  and music teacher, Daniel Barrett)

Sydenham/Hillside Primary School (Therese Saccuzzo.)

Furlong Park School for Deaf Children (Andria Mavrikakis)

Intergenerational Maps funded by Brimbank Council (Karin Saliba and others from U3A and Beka Hannah, arts workshop facilitator)

St Paul’s Primary School (Kylie PonceRios) 

Teachers’ Group (Charlotte Clemens) and the

Diversity and Disability Art Group (Tanya Arman).

We thank especially the facilitators of these exhibitions whose names are included above and everyone who contributed to and attended each of these exhibitions.

Particular highlights during the year were:

  1. *EVERYTHING really, including:

* the climate change focus of the Teachers’ exhibition,

* the wonderful Intergenerational Maps project that I would just love to repeat over and over again,

* the music performances at the Sunshine College opening that saw the Granary Cafe filled to overflowing (just as it had been on the same occasion in 2018) and last but by no means, the least, the launch of the latest Words and Pictures book  (see Publications section of our website).

This was during the Furlong Park exhibition and the book features the work of children from Furlong Park and from Hearing and Beyond in Vietnam. The work had been exhibited in 2018 and included comments made and photographs of the Furlong Park group when they visited the exhibition that year. We thank especially, as well as  Furlong Park art teacher, Andria Mavrikakis, Marelyn McDonald who coordinated the Vietnam link and Tom Neilson from the Granary Cafe for their strong support of this project.

Another joyful year all round and none of the work would get on the Granary walls if it were not for the ongoing support of Tom and his wonderful staff  there, our Board, chaired by the tireless, Jill Anwyl and  Trevor Donoghue who curates and hangs each of our exhibitions and has done so for many years.

A special acknowledgement too of Trevor for his own artwork that he displayed as part of the Intergenerational Maps project and also, in the Teachers’ exhibition in 2019.

Maureen Ryan


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What does Gallery Sunshine Everywhere do?

The purposes of Gallery Sunshine Everywhere are to promote engagement with art-making and art education among pre-primary, primary and secondary school students and their schools and families, and business and the broader community of the Western suburbs of Melbourne, through:-

(a) exhibiting and valuing the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.

(b) celebrating the talents of young artists and enabling community access to the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary students.

(c) extending the involvement of families, schools, business and the broader community with youth oriented art activities.

(d) increasing community understanding of the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.

(e) developing art-focussed partnerships with schools and other organizations.

(f)  mentoring young and emerging artists.  

  1. (g)undertaking collaborative projects to raise the status, accessibility and visibility of visual arts for young people in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

  2. We aim to engage schools, families, business and the broader community with the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students. Exhibit the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.

  3.     Value the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary school students.

  4.     Celebrate the talents of young artists.

  5.     Extend involvement of families, schools, business and the broader
        community with youth oriented art based activities.

  6.     Enable access to the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary students.

  7.     Increase understanding of the art of pre-primary, primary and secondary
        school students.

  8.     Develop partnerships with schools and other organisations.

  9.     Mentor young and emerging artists.


  1. 1.Gallery Sunshine Everywhere coordinates at least ten curated exhibitions each year in Sunshine in Melbourne’s west.

  2. 2.There are no costs to families or schools for Strand One. Grants and Sponsorship are always welcome to support each of the exhibitions. We collect the work, frame and hang it on the walls at the Granary Cafe, organise opening events there for students, families and friends and return the work at the end of each exhibition.

  3. 3.Gallery Sunshine Everywhere liaises with all schools that register for each exhibition and selects work for exhibition and for the on line Art Gallery on this web site:

  4. 4. All work is photographed and added to the on line Art Gallery on this site.

  5. 5. The work selected for exhibition is framed or otherwise prepared for exhibition

  6. 6. Each exhibition period of three or four weeks commences with an official opening

  7. 7. An identifying card listing the artist’s first name, year level and school is displayed with each art work

  8. 8. Where enquiries are made about purchasing  (framed or unframed) any work on display,
    Gallery Sunshine Everywhere follows up with schools, families and potential buyers.


Gallery Sunshine Everywhere has produced  a set of cards in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013. Click on the dates to see these.

Collaborative projects with groups including Brimbank Council, AMES, SAIL, Victoria University, Inspiring KIds to Create Primary Art Program, Diversity and Disability Art Group, Sunshine Rotary and the CASS Foundation.

Currently we are undertaking the Little Say of Sunshine banners project with Brimbank Council and the Intergenerational Maps project with Moonee Valley Council.


Maureen Ryan  

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